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The Sluagh Hall Swords

The Sluagh Hall which was first opened in Swords in 1938 by the then leader of Fianna Fáil Eamon de Valera.It was established as a  volunteer army. 

Up until it closed down it was still in use by the Local Defence Forces which were previously known as The F.C.A. which provided a summer camp where members were sent off for training down the country. Cut backs by the Labour / Fine Gael government are the cause of the closure. From the time this building opened it was used more as a dance hall for the local people around North County Dublin where many's a match was made. 

Dances took place here most Saturday nights from the 1950's until the early 70's. The famous boxer, come singer, come hollywood actor Jack Doyle once performed in the Sluagh Hall .

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