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News From Swords Dublin



Paul Mulville, Independent candidate for the Swords local electoral area, has called on Irish Rail to provide shelters along the platforms at Donabate Railway Station.
Mulville said, “Commuters awaiting the train into work often get soaked on a rainy morning.  As someone who uses the train on a daily basis, I have seen this myself.  There is some room to wait in the station building, and underneath the pedestrian bridge, but on a busy morning there is a need for shelters along the platform.”
“Iarnród Éireann has stated that: ‘(w)ith regard to shelters at this location, unfortunately both platforms are quite narrow with minimal clearance distances between the boundary and platform edge resulting in passengers using either the station building or the bridge for shelter in the event of inclement weather.  An area on the city bound platform has been identified as a possible location to erect a shelter which will require a civil engineering solution.  I have requested for the feasibility of this to commence and this will be completed subject to funding being available.’”
Mulville concluded by saying that “I welcome this response from Irish Rail and hope that the feasibility study can be carried out and the funds put in place as a matter of urgency.”

New Aldi Shop For River Valley


Fingal County Council have now granted planning permission to Aldo to build a new shop at River Valley where the existing shops are now located. Aldi have said they'll get rid of the petrol pumps and demolish part of the Centra shop. A new face lift is also planned for the other shops in the centre. Some local people have objected to Aldi's plan to open a store so close to a school. The Lereto collage is across the road from the shopping centre. Other objection relate to road safety for pedestrians.

New Aldi Shop For River Valley Swords

New Housing Estates For Swords

Toots New Train Service


Toots, the Malahide Road train is going to expand it's service to Swords later in 2014. Michael Place who owns the service has bought a second train to serve the new route.

The service has already proven very popular taking passengers around the tourist spots of Malahide over the last few years.

The new train will be electric and brought in from America and will run from the Robyn's Nest Cookery School in the town centre mall to Malahide train station where passengers can opt to hook up with Toots and continue their journey to Malahide Castle.

Toots Train Swords / Malahide

MSD To Close Down


Pharmaceutical firm MSD has announced plans to close its plant in Swords in North Co Dublin by the end of 2017, which will result in the loss of 570 jobs.
The company said today that no job losses would occur before the middle of next year at the earliest, but said it plans to lay off about 130 people in the second half of 2014. read more here MSD Swords To Close Down

lidl swords

Lidl have placed a planning application with Fingal County Council to open a new shop in Swords. The site of the new store will be on the Dublin Road close to Pinnock Hill Roundabout on the left. Local residents are objecting to the application on the grounds that this will make the chronic traffic problem even worse. The application is in it's early stages and no doubt there will be more protests before the decision to grant permission is given.


The Slaughtered Lamb Pub Swords

The Slaughtered Lamb Closed Down - Pub Sold.
We can confirm that the refurb to the lamb has stopped and that an offer from a very big English name has being made to buy the pub. After great thought from the owners of the lamb the offer has being accepted and is going through the process. The owners of The Slaughtered Lamb would like to thank all the people of Swords and the surrounding area for their support over the past 12 years. We wish the pub every success trading under it's new name. That was the message from their Facebook page.

Report:The Number Of Social Housing To Be Built In The Next 2 Years
Social housing units are provided in a number of ways e.g. construction,
purchase, leasing, casual vacancies and the use of unsold affordable units. In
recent years leasing (Rental Accommodation and Long-term leasing schemes)
has been the primary source of new social units with direct provision through
construction providing a reducing number of new units. At present the Council
has approval to build 2 new social units in the Swords Balbriggan area in
2014/15. Fingal County Council.

Report: Fingal County Council - Swords Castle

14th November 2013 news

A conservation management plan for Swords Castle was completed during
2013 and this will be published early in 2014. This plan prioritised certain
works relating to access to the site and in particular the stabilisation of the
entrance archway. Contracts for the first phase of this work will issue within
the next few weeks. When the archway has been stabilised, access to the
site for a wider range of use and in particular for tourism purposes will be provided
swords castle

November the 13th 2013

News For November  The 14th


A Saorstát Eireann Post box at The Coach House
near Knocksedan Swords. When the Irish Free State
[ Saorstát Eireann ] came into being in 1922 the
Imperial Red paint on the pillar boxes ware painted
over with Republican Green paint.
The crown and monarch were left in the top
 panel but the door panels were replased
with the harp and initials  S.E. ,
Saorstát Eireann. This rare bax
at Knocksedan has the initials
of King Edward V11.
More about The Post Box At Knocksedan


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The Manager of Fingal County Council was asked on the 14th of November with regard to Thornleigh, Swords:
(a) what parts have been taken in charge;
(b) what parts are due to be taken in charge and
(c) to investigate the paths around the area, particularly the one around
Thornleigh Educate Together, that are proving difficult for wheelchair
users?”  Here's his reply

Appelwood Main Street Swords

Report: By Fingal County Council SWORDS NEEDS PLAYGROUNDS
The process of procurement for these play facilities has been completed. The
successful contractors have been notified and we anticipate that the works
will commence on site early in January of 2014. We further anticipate that
works on these facilities will be completed by early Spring.

November the 12th 2013

Ridgewood Estate Swords

Access to Ridgewood Estate
Concern is also expressed regarding the single in/out access arrangement for
the entire Ridgewood development. One submission notes that two access
points are proposed into the LAP lands to allow for emergencies but the entire
Ridgewood Estate only has one access/exit. Several submissions call for a
second access into Ridgewood and one submission states that there should be
another entrance from Rivervalley, as originally envisaged. 
Read more about the plans for Ridgewood

October 30th 2013

Water Pipe Burst Main Street Swords

Watermain Burst, Main Street, Swords
Traffic Management Plan–30” watermain Burst outside Fingal Café, Main Street, Swords
There is a serious burst on the 30” Watermain on Main Street, Swords in the vicinity of Fingal Café, losing a significant amount of water with the potential consequence of either an eruption or subsidence.   As a result urgent repairs need to be carried out.
It is intended to commence this work at 7pm approximately on Tuesday 5th November and works will continue until Thursday 7th November.  Because of the location of the watermain it will be necessary to close Main Street to vehicular access and parking, from the Junction of Chapel Lane to the Junction of Malahide Road for the duration of the works.  Parking restrictions will apply from 3pm on Tuesday.
Alternative routes to access Swords are posted under our Traffic Management Plan.
Water supplies to residents and businesses will be maintained throughout the repair period but some minor reductions in pressure may occur. Photo by Fingal County Council

Fingal County Council

A Message From Fingal County Council - Water Dept.
Greater Fingal Area:Including the Swords Area.  Because of water issues in the Greater Dublin Area it will be necessary to introduce some severe water pressure restrictions in the Fingal area. These restrictions will take place between the hours of 8.00pm to 7.00am on a daily basis. Some consumers in the Fingal Area may experience total water loss.
Consumers are requested to conserve water as much as possible and especially not to use washing machines, dishwashers, showers etc. during the hours of restriction. If water is conserved, water tank storage on premises should be adequate.
We apologise to consumers for any inconvenience caused by this disruption.Wednesday 30th October 2013 : 17.35
The above message from the council does not say which areas will be effected but I'm sure you'll find out when the tap stops working. It also does not say how long the restrictions will last but according to Dublin City Council it will be until Monday the 4th of November at the earliest.

Water Pipe Being Dug Up On Main Street Swords

Excavation began at 6am to repair the pipe.

New Water Pipe For Main Street Swords

The new 30 inch water pipe waiting to be fitted on Main Street. Photo. by Fingal Co. Co. Taken on Wednesday 6th of November.

Just a little note to thank everybody who supports this site through Facebook.  I only started using facebook for the site in July the 15th and already over 4,000 people liked it. Thanks again.

October 24th 2013

Paul Mulville will be standing as an independent candidate in the local elections next May for the Swords ward, which covers Portrane, Donabate, Swords, Rivervalley, St. Margaret’s, Rolestown, Santry, Northwood and Meakstown.

October 2013

Fight On Main Street Swords

A row on Main Street Swords on Thursday the 10th of October left one man needing hospital treatment. The altercation took place outside the Cab 200 office on Main Street around 12-30. Several people who saw the row say that it was over a parking spot and that a baseball bat was used. Swords Garda were quickly on the scene and sealed off the area. The northbound lane of the main street was closed off from the lights at Malahide Road. It's believed that the two men involved in the altercation were of  African origin. If you were a witness you should contact Swords Garda on 6664700. The 45 year old man was taken to Beaumont hospital and is on a life support machine. A 37 year old man is being questioned by the Garda. Two baseball bats were found at the scene.Gardai believe the pair knew each other and were involved in a “long running and personal dispute”. Both are from Nigeria. Eye witnesses described the scenes as “mayhem” and said the injured man suffered a violent blow to the back of the head.
“Then the man with the bat held it high over his head and brought it down hard on the other man's head and he just slumped to the ground,” said a witness.
Update 13 - 11 - 2013  The man that was injured on the 10th of October has since died.

Results for Dublin North in the election to abolish the Seanad. October 2013


Results for Dublin North in the election to abolish the Seanad. The no vote was  54.67%, and the Yes side. 45.33% . There was almost no campaigning done by any political part on the ground in the run up to the vote. Dr. James Reilly F.G. campaigned for a yes vote on his Facebook page, but was not very active in his push for the yes side. Brendan Ryan, Labour did not campaign for the yes side even though the Labour Party was in favour the abolition of the Seanad. There was no mention one way or the other on his Facebook page as to how Labour party supporters should vote. Senator Darragh O'Brien was very active on Facebook to retain the Seanad. Clare Daly T.D. was in favour of the abolition of the Seanad and wrote about her feelings on her website. She didn't campaign to get rid of the Seanad on her Facebook page that I could see.

Theft of Radioactive Material, Swords, Co. Dublin


Theft of Radioactive Material, Swords, Co. Dublin.
Gardai in Swords investigating a burglary in Swords over the weekend(27th to 29th Sept 2013) would like to warn the public of radioactive material that was taken during the course of the burglary.
The radioactive material taken is described as seven lightning preventers which were contained in a red metal box . They have the appearance of aluminium or stainless steel but are of no scrap value.
These are HIGHLY DANGEROUS and should not be touched or approached.
If any person discovers these items or has any information as to where they are, they should
- Not approach or touch these items
- Contact Gardai at Swords 6664700 or any Garda Station or contact the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland on 01 2066913,01 269 7766,(Out of office hours – 0879163364)
It happened at Rainey  steeplejacks which is located at the junction of North Street and Balheary Road Swords. There is no scrap value in this and The Radiological Protection Institute says not to go anywhere near it.

The Garda Helicopter was in action again last night


The Garda Helicopter was in action again last night after a Garda car was rammed in Swords. It happened at 3.30am. One member of the Garda was injured in the ramming and brought to Beaumont Hospital. It happened in the Cianlea housing estate close to the Rathbeale Road. The car that rammed the squad car was a White Nissan Micra. The female Garda is believed to have head injuries. After the ramming the Micra was found at Talbot Hall which is close to Applewood Village and 1 km from Cianlea. Two men were later arrested and were brought to Coolock Garda Station. The injuries to the Garda happened as she was getting out of the passenger side of the car and the Nissan car crashed into the door. The glass from the door smashed into her face. The 2 teenagers who were caught were from the Ballymun area of Dublin. The Garda believe they may have been responsible for a rake of burglaries in the area in recent times.

Talbot Hall Swords

Talbot Hall near Applewood in Swords.

The Road To Nowhere In Holywell

This is The Road To Nowhere. It's located in Holywell just off the Drynam Road in Swords. Local people from the area are well used to looking at it in amazement.

The road was built years ago and the aim was for it to merge with an existing roundabout in the Airside Business Park and halt the large amount of traffic passing through  the Holywell estate.

The strange thing about this road is that the builder did now own the land where the road was to be built beyond the trees in the photo. He did own the piece of land up until the hedge but that's all.

The people who bought houses in Holywell believed that this road would be completed when the estate was finished. Well the estate is completed many years now and the road still leads into a hedge.

At the start of this year Fingal County Council placed a compulsory purchase order on the land behind the hedge and has put out a the road to tender. In the meantime traffic continues to flow in large amounts through the Holywell estate and this level of traffic was never supposed to pass through such a built up area with very narrow roads.

In the past week a couple of pedestrian crossings have been put in place beside the new School in the hope of slowing traffic down and giving the children a sort of safe way of crossing the road. Quiet frankly it's a miracle that nobody has being knocked down on this road through the estate.

''The Road To Nowhere - Only In Ireland ''

The Road To Nowhere Holywell Swords


There is no more free parking in the car park behind the Star pub on the Chapel Lane. The council have resurfaced the parking area and marked out where you can park. They have also made this area Pay And Display. When you buy your ticket from the machine it must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the car. If you don't buy a ticket then you stand a good chance of getting your vehicle clamped. The release fee is €100 . The clamping company are Euro Car Parks. The price per hour is €1 and is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you happen to get clamped, phone 01 8908320. Find other places to Park In Swords

The 2 Inn's To Reopen Soon

Swords Manor Shops
The Manor And Kinsealy Inn's To Reopen. The Date  The Manor Inn to open is 6th of September. It's believed that initially only the bar will open with the large lounge staying closed for the time being. With a catchment area of a couple of thousand houses it was inevitably that this pub would not close for good.
No date has been set for the re-opening of The Kinsealy Inn but refurbishing work has being taken place inside the pub. A lot of good regular drinkers have had to make the long trip to Swords Village to get their fill of porter since these pubs closed and were not one bit happy about it because they had to include the price of the taxi fare in their night's out bill. The Manor Re-Opens 9th August 2013.
Extensive work is taking place on the Kinsealy in and the latest date for the re-open of The Kinsealy Inn is the end of October.



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