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Dizzy Daz Hip Hop Artist

Swords Man Dizzy Daz Makes It Big On The Hip Hop Scene.

Now I've rocked shows & got flows it's really nothing
Cuz I choose & exposed , steady buzzing and I
reeked hell & excelled , To prove a power point
Now I inhale and exhale , Smoke another One
My Rocker k5's Tweaking the frequency
ice cold shivery , Constancy with delivery
I'm the apitamy , of how a emcee Works
Underground with my shades on , Watch an emcee lurk ?
what's a emcee worth ?? , That depends on the relevance
everyone to there own is what I keep on Telling them
I'm Zero tolerance , hyped up on adrenalin
Stimulating the mind , these lines are a sedative
My creativity hold no bounds , I'm the king of nothing
Cause I hold no crown , But I love what I do
O I'm o so proud , There's No better better feeling
Than rocking a crowd , I'm just a average person
Let it be known , I'm in Full blown beast mode
dizzy is my alter ego !

wanna be rappers who are heavily connected
You don't Mean shit , without a work ethic
Gonna have skill ,Your Flows sounding perfect
Gotta tell your story , And not some one else's
Gotta keep it real , Do what you do
Stay true to yourself , Watch yourself make some move
Me ? I let the music Do the talking
keep the viewers in tune , And make sure there watching

To me... Best feeling in the world
How you can touch so many people , Threw the power of these words
in every single verse , I'm writing to the public
Cheap imitations make me , Sick to my stomach
If you can't be original , Then u can't be yourself
Paint your own canvas , Like every body else
Make your own path , Never rest In the shadows
Spent many of my days , Writing in the jacko
A park & playground , no pond
my pen and my pad , with a beat tape on
I reach out and grab it , wearing a fitted or a snap back
it dosnt matter , skinny jeans no belt skuffed wranglers & you claim abit of swagger
Now you call yourself a rapper !!! try and act normal .....


Track produced by Alan Newman.
Cuts by DJ Dobee.
Recorded at Trackhouse Studios by Collie Collins
Filmed and edited by Jonathan Lambert.
Video produced by Alan Newman.
Make-Up by Shauna Fowley.
Additional Camera by Lorna Gargan.
Special thanks to Mabos & Ciarán Mc Grath.

Dario aka Dizzy Daz . Is local independent hip hop artist , who is thriving on the music scene all across Dublin.
His latest video been getting great coverage across all social media networks

Thanks For Watching
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Diddy Daz
Dizzy Daz Hip Hop Artist

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