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The Brown Waste Bin

The Brown Wheelie Bin Is The Worst Invention Of The 20th Century.

The Brown bin in my opinion is the worst invention of the 20th century. Not only is it an unsightly looking object when placed in the front of peoples houses it also is responsibly for spreading germs. During the summer months all kinds of insects gather around this brown bin attracted by the smell of rotten food.
Theses flies, bluebottles and wasps then enter your house to spread the germs where ever they land. With the bird numbers down by as much as 90% in parts of Fingal the wasp population has surged this year. Birds that are in short supply are the Sparrow and Thrush.
These Brown bins were brought in by the local councils around Ireland as a revenue raising measure. When this wheelie bin was brought in during 2005 it was on a trial basic and according to Fingal Co. Co. ''The brown bin will provide an environmentally friendly way of disposing of kitchen and garden waste'' . Well it has not been very environmentally friendly during the summer months.  Having swarms of flies and wasps congregating so close to peoples homes is a health hazard.
The council stated at the time that the Brown wheelie bin would be free of charge, but as soon had it be delivered around Swords in 2005 the price of the black bin increased in price. It began at €3.50 and now stands at €9.30. When we only had the black bin all the household rubbish got dumped and mixed in the same bin so the waste food was obsorbed by other household rubbish and the smell was not half as bad as when all food stuff is placed into one bin.
As a way of cutting down on the smell and having insects swarming around the Brown bin you should place all your waste paper, cardboard, grass cuttings, hedge clippings into the Brown Bin. Also use disposable plastic bags to contain your waste food. All these tips will help a little, along with cleaning this dirty yoke on a weekly basis during the summer months. You may be cleaning yours but if your neighbour is not then the flies will still hanging around your house.
Oh, I almost forgot, you have to pay Panda €110 per year. And they told us it would be free of charge. Plus a percentage of the money you pay for the black bin goes to cover the cost of the Brown bin. As for the Green one ? No this is not a free service, they make a lot of money recycling the Green bin contents.

Brown Waste Bin

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