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Balheary House

Balheary House, does it still exist today ?Someone living in Australia wants to know. Her  great grandfather Henry Francis Hartley was said to have lived prior to immigrating to Australia in the mid 1800’s. Is this building still standing and if so what road is it on ? I posted this information on Facebook looking for help. Below are the responses.
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looks like the one based in the old Motorola factory at Applewood!! Sporting Fingal used it as its headquarters until they left. Its still standing but was badly damaged in a fire a few years back,that's if it is the house you're talking about!!
My ex husbands Mother used to own a house in Balheary called Balheary house, but it was far more modern than that. Maybe she just named it that. I think I have a photo if interested.
That's the one beside emmaus Sammy down the back roads.
Yeah, I'd say so, looking at the picture its not a million miles away from it in design. Maybe it was based on the original.
The sporting fingal house was called newtown house it's on the Glen Ellan distribution rd that links on to balheary rd and it looks like it.
There's also another old building behind the old Amdahl building [ Balheary Business Campus] past the football pitches.
I think that was an old farm house that was on ennis lane near emmuas retreat centre in balheary . If so the house was knocked down about 4years ago.
That house was demolished a few years back there is a new house up the road from it using the same name ...the walshe family who were solicitors used to live there.
 It's very similar to Newtown house alright, although it must have been restyled since then, the portico is not on the building anymore, and the upstairs windows are more rectangular than square. Also, Newtown has an extra "wing" on each side which maybe wasn't there at the time this photo map taken, or they were cut off by the camera. The building is now owned by Gannon Homes I believe.

Balheary House Swords

[10] It's the house in the grounds off the old Motorola factory. You can get to it easily. I walk my dogs around there. When you look through the door it's burnt on the inside. Roof collapsed. One can go through a side gate to the garden. There's  Loads off broken glass around. It also had a basement/cellar where you can see that from the garden entrance.

 "Unfortunately, as others have pointed out - this house no longer exists, it was knocked in early 2005. ‘Balheary House’ was located on the grounds of the Emmaus Retreat Centre on Ennis Lane. The Irish Christian Brothers bought the site and grounds (Balheary Demesne) in the late 1950s and built the retreat centre, moving in in October 1961. Christian Brothers who taught in the local Colaiste Choilm school resided in Balheary House from 1967 and they only moved out in August 1998. Prior to the Christian Brothers, the site was owned by Hunters and Walshs before that. I've checked with the Achieves people from the centre, but they haven’t been able to locate any photos of the house yet. Emmaus retreat centre is still in use today. Here’s a video showing the centre and the grounds - unfortunately it doesn’t show any footage of the house before it was knocked.

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